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What are Metagates?

Voyager A/R 'Metagates' are a unique way to display your NFTs and other digital assets.

Owners of Metagates can customize and decorate their digital home/gallery, and share it with others! (COMING SOON)

We will continue to add features and functionality to the platform, so tell us how you feel about it!

What can I customize?

Display your L1 and Loopring L2 NFTs

Change object and surface materials/textures

Decorate your metagate with furniture


import and display your own custom GLB assets (MORE FORMATS COMING SOON)


Buy your own metagate today

Zen Garden
Zen Garden
Modern Loft
Modern Loft


Q:What is a "Metagate"? How is that different than Voyage A/R?

Voyage A/R is the name of company and Metagate is the name of the virtual spaces that we provide! A Metagate can be a room, an apartment, or even a whole house. We are always working on creating new metagates.

Q:Is Voyage A/R the same as Protocol: Gemini? What is the relationship?

Voyage A/R is a service created and provided by Protocol: Gemini. If you would like to know more about Protocol: Gemini and our vision, head over to our website.

Q:What can you do with these? What's the point?

You can decorate your Metagate, make it your own, invite others to hang out and more!

Q:Where can I buy one?

If you would like to mint your own Metagate, click here.

Q:Are there new features coming?

We are constantly developing new features and improving Metagates. If there is a feature you would like to see added or a bug that needs to be squashed, submit feedback here or reach out to us at support@protocolgemini.com.

Our partners

Ready Player ME

Technology Partner

Ready Player Me is a cross-game avatar platform for the builders, creators and residents of the metaverse.


Strategic Partner

CyberCrew is a metaverse/gaming-asset juggernaut. Their assets are built from the ground up with cross-platform interoperability in mind.


Technology Partner

COREBLOCKS is a team based approach to tech solutions and blockchain/smart contracts. They specialize in web3 De-Fi projects.


Technology Partner

Loopring builds protocols, infrastructure, and user-facing products for the future of finance. All built on Ethereum.

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